Read It Later is now Pocket

This script is now unnecessary. Pocket looks great and doesn't need restyling. Thanks to everyone who enjoyed it.

Now, go check out Pocket!

Read It Later Restyled

What is this?

This is a userscript/Safari extension that simply changes the look of the Read It Later Web interface.

How do I use this?

Just click a button below to install. You’ll need to have Safari 5 for the extension. For the userscript, you’ll need a userscript-supporting browser like Google Chrome or Fluid, or a browser extension like Greasemonkey for Firefox.

Safari Extension

Use something else? Download the CSS file and try it out.
Version 2.1

Are there icons too?

A Fluid app wouldn’t be complete without them!
Here are a few styles to choose from:

Plus OSX menubar icons: